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Welcome to Yad  Al Amal Home Healthcare Center, your premier destination for discreet and reliable at-home STD testing in Dubai. We understand the importance of your sexual health, and our mission is to provide you with convenient testing solutions that prioritise your well-being.

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Why Should I Get Tested

Preventing the Spread of Infections: Protect other people around you. Early detection and treatment can bring down the risk of transmitting the infection to others.

Protecting Your Health: Your health should be your topmost priority. STDs cause serious ailments if left untreated.

Routine Health Checkup: Regular checkups keep an eye on overall wellbeing and help in the early detection of any disease.

Pregnancy Planning: Testing for certain STDs is important for individuals planning to conceive. STDs can affect fertility and contribute to major risks during pregnancy.

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the At-Home STD Testing

Which STD is not curable? : Discovering an STD that is not curable can be concerning. At Yad  Al Amal Home Healthcare Center, we provide information on various STDs, their implications, and the importance of early detection for effective management.

Cutting-Edge Testing Methods : Curious about the testing methods we use? Our at-home STD testing kits employ cutting-edge technology, including urine, swab, and blood tests, to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Fast and Confidential Results: Worried about the time it takes to receive your results? With Yad Al Amal, you can expect fast turnaround times ( TAT ). We understand the importance of swift results and maintain the highest level of confidentiality throughout the process.

Signs of an STI and Confidentiality: Understanding the signs of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is crucial. Our website provides valuable insights into the symptoms, empowering you with knowledge. Rest assured, our testing process is designed to respect your privacy at every step.

Find Out The Symptoms on Right Time!

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can have a range of symptoms or no symptoms at all, making it important to get tested regularly. Here are some common STIs and their symptoms:

Types of STD Blood Tests

Understanding the different types of tests available is crucial for informed decision-making. Our range of STD blood tests covers the following tests and many many more. Listed below are some of the most common Sexually transmitted Infections/Diseases:

HIV Antibody

Detects the presence of antibodies to the HIV virus, providing a comprehensive overview of your HIV status.


Identifies the presence of the bacterium causing syphilis, allowing for early detection and timely intervention.

Hepatitis B and
C Test

Our blood tests include screening for hepatitis B and C, essential for identifying and managing these viral infections.

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Tests

Our testing options cover both HSV-1 and HSV-2, helping you understand your risk and take necessary precautions.

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How it Works

Getting your STD blood test at home is a simple process:
Convenient At-Home STD Blood Test Process in Dubai


Book Your Test

Start by selecting the STD blood test that fits your requirements and book it securely online. Our user-friendly platform ensures a hassle-free booking experience.


Schedule an initial Doctor’s Consultation

Once your test is booked, schedule a virtual consultation with our experienced doctor. Discuss your concerns, ask questions, and receive expert guidance tailored to your specific needs.


Nurse Home Visit for Blood Sample Collection:

We prioritize your comfort and convenience. A qualified nurse will visit your home at the scheduled time to collect the required blood sample. Our discreet and professional service ensures a stress-free experience.


Accredited Lab Processing

Your blood sample is processed in a state-of-the-art, accredited laboratory. Our commitment to accuracy and reliability ensures that you receive precise results.


Encrypted Report Delivery

Your privacy is our priority. Once the lab processes your sample, the results are encrypted and securely sent to you. Rest assured that your sensitive health information is handled with the utmost confidentiality.


Second Doctor’s Consultation

Following the analysis, schedule another virtual consultation with our doctor. This session is dedicated to discussing your results, addressing any concerns, and providing guidance on the next steps.

Yad Al Amal Home Health Center where your privacy is respected

A Yad Al Amal home health care ensures that your privacy is maintained and respected during your medical consultation. All patient information and medical records are kept confidential. You can feel assured that your personal health information will not be shared with anyone without your permission

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At-Home Convenience

Curious about testing at home? Yad Al Amal offers reliable at-home STD testing kits. Our friendly and skilled healthcare professionals will assist you in collecting samples discreetly, and our process is designed for simplicity.

Additional Services for Your Convenience

For reliable and confidential STD testing services in Dubai, consider  , where your sexual health is a priority. Additionally, if you’re specifically looking for information on STD testing services, visit  for comprehensive and discreet options.

Your Trusted Digital Partner

Beyond testing, Yad Al Amal Home Healthcare Center serves as your digital companion in navigating sexual health. Our website features informative content, a blog offering insights into the latest trends, and a commitment to staying current with the latest medical research and developments .

AWARD WINNING Home Health Care

Our Home Health Care has been recognized for our commitment to excellence in patient care, innovative medical practices, and outstanding. Customer service. Our team of highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals strive to provide personalized and Compassionate care to each and every patient.

Let's Build a Healthier Tomorrow, Together

Embark on your journey toward optimal sexual health with Yad Al Amal. Our commitment to excellence, privacy, and innovation sets us apart. Trust us to be your ally in prioritising your well-being.

Ready to take the first step? Explore our range of at-home STD testing kits and empower yourself with knowledge. Contact us for any inquiries or support. Your health is our priority, and your journey to peace of mind begins here.

What Other People Say About Us

Precious MusonzaPrecious Musonza
12:50 20 Dec 23
I recently had the privilege of utilizing the services provided by Yad Al Amal Home Health Care Center, and I must say it was a truly outstanding experience. I had chronic backpain, coupled with a pinched nerve and… other challenges. The integration of IV therapy and physiotherapy into my care plan yielded remarkable results. I am grateful for the positive impact they have had on my overall health and well-being. The personalized exercise plan they drew out for me, has become part of my daily routine, sitting in office all day has been made lighter… no more back pains….
Owais MohammedOwais Mohammed
08:50 11 Jul 23
Masha Allah it was a very nice experience with yad al amal, staff members are very clean tidy and cooperative, affordable prices, I have done tests for my wife and my kid, most easiest thing is they give very nice home service. result was give on the same day of sample collection. Thanks to all the members of yad al amal.
Aarya KAarya K
08:30 30 May 23
I would absolutely recommend this service!! Getsy was AMAZING with my 13 year old son! Easiest blood draw ever! She made this process so easy and pain free for my son. Booking appointment also very easy and convenient.
Rosse ContardoRosse Contardo
19:43 09 May 23
I was treated with them for neck pain that I had been having for a while and I have to say that the care is incredible. The health staff is very professional and friendly. I also took some blood tests at home and nothing to say, everything was very expeditious. I received my results in 24 hours. Totally recommended!
shamnas khanshamnas khan
07:43 21 Sep 22
i highly recommend this home care. i have visited many physiotherapy clinics but this is absolutely the best one. they are efficient, clean, and the physiotherapist truly cares about you and your condition. please keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!👍
Ananya SophiaAnanya Sophia
21:02 18 Aug 22
This place has the best physiotherapist, my mom had been suffering with a lot of pain on her shoulders, had seen a lot of doctors but nothing helped and Dr Vira gave her her a couple of sessions and she is doing so much better! Thank you so much!♥️

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